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Open Mind: Makes it Work!

The term ‘Open’ is construed by most of us in different ways in our daily lives. We often hear phrases like ‘I am open to ……’ or I believe in ‘open……’ We use term ‘open’ to express our intellectual beliefs and also to express our desires to collaborate…...and many a times very casually as well. If several has used (and abused) term ‘open’, I felt I am not going to commit a sin by making use of term ‘open’ in my own way to fulfil my own self determined purpose of finding my place and relevance in this world.

I am not sure if I can claim to be ‘open’ in true sense as I don’t align myself with open movements, however, when I take a deep dive in my behavior, I find myself ‘very open’ as I took the life as it came to me and adjusted and aligned my goals as per the goals of my eco-systems – be it friends, colleagues, partners, family and of course my society. However, for me, ‘being open’ comes with discipline of evaluating ideas and innovating feasibilities of incorporating, and in many cases adapting, those ideas in workable mode. Success and/or failure are definitely a critical benchmark but ‘self-belief and self-actualization’ is what makes it work, and not necessary always as visible and obvious.

I feel accomplished and evolved at the end of every day, but there are few days when you feel accomplished with several others together, not necessarily with same degree of accomplishment. Degrees are important for students of empirical analysis. Qualitative analysts emphasize on ‘core’ and allows statisticians to measure its impact on peripheral eco-system. Probably that’s why Innovation is triggered by core and impacted scalability is substantiated by peripheral eco-system.

This brings to my core belief (I am hesitant to use term ‘philosophy’) that ‘making you win’ is the most important as it embeds ‘my own win’ and mostly ‘win for many’, however, characteristics and objectivity of ‘winner’ drives larger value and its scalability.

And at this stage ‘Open Mind’ coupled with discipline and ownership is necessary to make it work. Vision is nothing but what works in larger interest, and larger interest is all about practically scaling vision and its impact in market place. Being ‘open’ doesn’t come without discipline and feasibility and being ‘too disciplined’ doesn’t necessarily mean non-open. What we need is combination of skill sets and commonality of purpose which is being embraced by others and benefits even its opponents.

It all starts with Open Mind and Discipline makes it work!!.

Language is an ‘Art’ and author doesn’t claim to be an ‘Artist’.

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