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Sanjay Kumar Conferred with "Leadership Award for Promoting Advancement in Information Technolo

Sanjay Kumar, CEO of Geospatial Media and Communications, was conferred with “Leadership Award for promoting advancement in Information Technology" at ASIAN-AFRICAN LEADERSHIP FORUM 2019.

Sanjay Kumar, CEO of Geospatial Media and Communications, was conferred with “Leadership Award for promoting advancement in Information Technology’’ on Saturday at ASIAN-AFRICAN LEADERSHIP FORUM 2019 organized in New Delhi, India

This award comes closely back to him after winning ‘Global Geospatial Industry Ambassador’ Award by UN-GGIM (United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management) at UNWGIC (United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress) held in Deqing city in China last year. Kumar was honored by this prestigious award for his perseverance and untiring zeal to create awareness about geospatial technologies and leveraging the benefits for the industry and end users.

The prestigious Leadership Awards 2019 is an award recognition program, recognizing and honoring business leaders who have shown outstanding performance and tenacity in developing successful businesses, whilst not neglecting the social responsibilities that come with business leadership.

Expressing his gratitude after accepting the award, Kumar said, it is my honor to receive “Leadership Award for promoting advancement in Information Technology’’ I have worked in several countries of South East Asia and Africa and our company has played evangelist role in promoting geospatial technology in over a dozen countries of this region.

The annual Asian African Leadership Forum comes forth to honor business prowess and leaders who have made a remarkable impact on their industry and on the society at large. The Summit and Awards powered by Passion Vista recognizes outstanding leadership and honors the change makers of industries from the Asian-African continent for their never-ending zest for perfection, inculcating best practices and innovative strategies.

Asian African Leadership Forum distinguishes and honors leaders who have contributed and shaped their national economy, and are visionaries behind today’s outstanding businesses. Participants of this magnanimous event are living personification of the best in Asian – African leadership. They are the pinnacle of virtues, strength, innovation, ingenuity, knowledge and foresight – values that are imperative to carving out powerful business in Asia & Africa including the global economy.

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