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Sanjay Kumar Inducted as Member of US NGAC

US: The US Department of the Interior has appointed 12 new members to the National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC). NGAC is a Federal Advisory Committee sponsored by the Department of the Interior.

Sanjay Kumar, Geospatial Media & WGIC

​Sanjay Kumar has also been inducted as a member of the NGAC. Kumar joins the committee as a representative of the World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC), which he helped formalize and now leads as the CEO and Secretary General. WGIC was launched last year at the 8th Session of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM), at United Nations Headquarters in New York on August 1. Mentionably, in November last year, Kumar was conferred the ‘Global Geospatial Industry Ambassador’ Award by UN-GGIM (United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management).

About NGAC

The National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC) is a Federal Advisory Committee sponsored by the Department of the Interior. The NGAC provides advice and recommendations on national geospatial policy and management issues, the development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), and the implementation of the Geospatial Data Act of 2018. The NSDI promotes geospatial data sharing across all levels of government, the private and non-profit sectors, and the academic community.

The NGAC includes up to 30 members, selected to achieve a balanced representation of the varied interests associated with geospatial programs and technology. NGAC members serve staggered three-year terms on the committee.

The NGAC meets three to four times per year. The public is invited to comment and make suggestions at all committee meetings, which will be announced by publication in the Federal Register at least 15 days before the meeting date. The U.S. Geological Survey, a bureau of the Department of the Interior, provides support services for the NGAC.

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